Tuesday, March 31

Last Call

Well, it was bound to happen sometime. After 7+ years and 1,989 posts, I am calling it for Peek.  It will stay up as an archive because let's face it, there's tons of great work to look at here from so many terrific artists.   I enjoy perusing the old posts so I figure some others do too.  Anyways, thanks for hanging out and looking.  Here's a bunch of works by some of my favorite artists.  This is the Peek version of the last minute of a summer fireworks display, lots of stuff at once!

White Christmas by Will Cotton

Hedge by Mark Tansey

Schaulager by Thomas Scheibitz

Nature by Matt Lipps

Cosmographic by Jen Stark

John Travolta by Eric Yahnker

Dark(ish) by Mark Bradford

Cheer by Gretchen Ryan

...and one of my own, Grandville by Lee Gainer

So long and thanks for all the fish.